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About Us



SOUL N JOY ENTERTAINMENT is established in 2023, by a team of show specialists and financial professionals for more than 10 years in Hong Kong. The team is passionate in Korean culture and processes in-depth understanding of the entertainment business, our staff are having handson experience in show operations. The team processes a strong networking with the Korean and local in the show industry.


For music fans, the passionate pursuit of their favorite artists and enthusiastic support can alleviate life's stresses and heal the soul. It provides a temporary three-hour respite from the world's chaos, allowing fans to lose themselves in the world of music. When people participate in our events, their "souls" are filled with "joy". This is the inspiration behind the name of our company, Soul N Joy Entertainment Limited.


Soul N Joy Entertainment Limited is an event organizer primarily arranging concerts and live entertainment events across various Asian countries. Our aim is to deliver happiness to audiences through our events. The name 'Soul N Joy' encapsulates our mission — to rejuvenate the soul and bring joy through the medium of music and live performances. We believe in the transformative power of music and its ability to heal, unite, and create unforgettable experiences. Our carefully curated events ensure that every attendee leaves with their spirits lifted, their hearts lighter, and a deeper connection to the music they love. Soul N Joy Entertainment is committed to creating a haven of musical joy amidst the daily hustle, where music lovers can momentarily forget their worries and immerse themselves in the pure joy of music.


My name is Alexa Young

SOUL N JOY ENTERTAINMENT is founded by Nicole Leung, who is being passionate in Korean culture and hands-on in-depth execution of the entertainment business across Asia-Pacific markets. Having the ambition to promote the vibrant Korean culture to overseas market. Nicole has successfully organized over 100+ concerts, which is a testament to her exceptional organizational and management skills. Remarkably, 80% of these concerts have featured renowned Korean artists, underlining her strong connections within the Korean entertainment industry. Additionally, Nicole has demonstrated her versatility by extending her concert planning expertise to  Chinese and Japanese artists, thus diversifying her portfolio and gaining multi-cultural experience. During her tenure in the industry, Nicole has been involved in all aspects of concert planning, from conception to execution. Her roles have spanned across planning, budgeting, business development, promotion, execution, finance, and personnel management. This extensive experience has equipped her with a holistic understanding of the industry and the ability to handle all-round coordination from scratch to conclusion. Nicole had the unique opportunity to work with CJ E&M, one of the leading entertainment companies in Asia. During her time there, she contributed to the planning of international music award ceremonies such as the Mnet Asian Music Awards. She also played a crucial role in organizing tours for Tier 1 kpop artist like BTS, Super Junior.

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